Friday, December 13, 2013


I have not found the time to write one of these and have been busy lately but at last... I have and I just want to get this off my mind.

I don't like people who push me around and are disrespectful to me. You can go ahead and try and use the commonly used for an excuse "Teenager" stereotype but frankly, I'm a person not some animal.

My family within the past year have slowly put some distance between them and myself slowly but surely, showing less and less care. First my brother, then my mother, next my step father, and last but not least recently my father. They act like they do but they honestly do not give an honest care about what I do and think and would rather make my life seem impossible and miserable. They just try and make me think otherwise.

These are the same exact people who have taught me that if you relay your message respectfully to someone or a concern that more can be done than just assuming and screaming away. Yet, they do not do this anymore and would prefer what I have been taught not to do, and it is when I do it back that they retaliate with violence, especially my step father.

Not too long ago, I walked out of the house to blow off some steam only to be pursued by my step father and be beaten on the streets by him.

Life seems these days not worth living, and more and more it feels like a dream you an just end (allergies at full speed don't help).

I hope everyone reading has a better day than I have been having lately.

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