Unknown Territory Project


A while back I was making a story that I guess is kind of a Narnia type thing but much different for sure. I got stuck at one point so I did not get too far.


Set in modern day Minnesota, a large section of Minnesota is woods never been explored into until the 1940's. The First Explorers would find a large area in which animals would rule in this area and have something like an organized government and voices. They will eventually return the next year with many hunters invading the southern area of the large land expanse and would also create their own "country". At the time of the explorers there was only on enation but would eventually split up into 5: Animalia, The New Wolf Empire, The Republic of Dogs, Deerlandia, and the Human Territories. One day a group of friends, whom are not too far from the boundary of the vast Unknown Territory, while looking for kills to make in their all tranquilizer fort/shack and end up shooting down a Wolf Messenger and not too far behind him an advancing Army of Wolves ready to kill on site. They will be lead on to a journey and find themselves caught in the middle of a war no man has ever seen before. 


Main Protagonists

  • Walter
  • Daniel
  • Addison

 Main Antagonists

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