Hampshire Project Preview & Ideas



Hampshire High

Hampshire High is home to the colonials and is a school in debt after losing its entire area to a fire in 1998. Due to having to borrow many funds from banks, they are unable to do some things for students, as the new buildings cost too much. It is riddled with drug addicts, teen parents, and no good doers.


Adolf Kurt

Bio still being somewhat developed

Sebastian Tudor

 Bio still being developed

Living in Hampshire, (STATE); it is a small town with one high school, Hampshire High. Sebastian despises the school and most aspects of his life. He lives with his older sister, Elizabeth Tudor. The whereabouts of his parents are unknown.
He typically wears dark clothing.

Elizabeth Tudor

Bio still being developed

Living in Hampshire, (STATE); a small town, she lives with her younger brother Sebastian Tudor. The whereabouts of her parents are unknown. She has very little care for her academics and is more interested in fun and partying in ways her brother describes as "whorrific".
Typically she wears things that show lots of skin.

 Makenzie Cote


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